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Why do I need a website?

How many times in the past 7 days have you used a search engine as opposed to yellow pages?

Why are you reading this page right now? Is it because you are interested in our services? People could be at your website, right now and looking at what you offer.

Your patients expect you to be online, just like you expect other businesses to be online. Why would you ignore the potential of 30 million UK web users? We understand that you'€™re unlikely to get 30 million people visiting your website but is it really worth ignoring even one potential client?

Online usage is increasing each year. The internet is a fantastic medium to increase revenue for your physiotherapy practice and by being online, your clinic is essentially open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to a worldwide audience.

One of the most popular internet activities is searching for health information (80% of web users search health information online). A physiotherapy website gives prospective patients a way to 'check you out', and existing patients an easy way to tell others about you.

At Physio123 we believe that in today's market every therapy clinic and practitioner needs a website. There are some people in private practice that don€™t believe that they need a website. They believe that it is too hard and too expensive.

WE DISAGREE! We believe that you are selling yourself short if you do not have a website, because you are not using one of the most powerful and cost effective ways in which to market you and your services. For this reason Physio123 offer a three month free trial, this allows you to try our service with no obligation, to see how a website can be a valuable addition to your practice.

Some of the advantages of having a website from Physio123 are as follows:
  • It will increase your referrals. Potential clients will visit your website, learn more about you and your services
  • It adds to the professional look of your practice
  • Tell people about your specialities
  • You can compete with larger established practices
  • It is advertising that is there 24 hour a day, seven days a week, 365 day a year
  • Its sole reason for being is to promote your physiotherapy practice
  • You can change your website to keep up with changes happening at your practice
  • Create new therapy business opportunities that you may not before considered through enquiries from your website
Ultimately, using Physio123 to manage your online presence will increase your client base, brand awareness, referrals and profit!

Certainly there is no substitute for first hand experience. That's why we are offering: An individually designed professional website for you to try out for up to three months - at no charge and with absolutely no obligation.

Take advantage of our 3 month free trial.

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