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Answering calls

A therapist working in private practice should make every effort to be available to answer calls from potential patients. Many people will hang up on hearing a voicemail, therefore, being unavailable to answer calls can lose you patients. For physiotherapists trying to combine private practice with a full time job, having the ability to answer calls can be difficult to achieve.

Making your voicemail work for you

A patient's first contact with a practice is very important, therefore, if a patient hears your voicemail before talking to you must make sure the voicemail encourages the potential patient to leave a message.

Physio123 strongly recommend someone should be able to answer the phone at all times during business hours.

If this is not practical here are some tips to recording your answer phone message:
  • Be brief and to the point. A message of 20 to 30 seconds is sufficient. There is no need to tell your client that you are not in the office or away from your desk or to leave a message after the beep or tone.
  • To avoid telephone tag, ask your caller to include a good time to return their call.
  • Write out your script, rehearse it, and then record it. Recording your message while smiling will convey a friendly tone. If you have a strong accent, try and get someone with a clear speaking voice to record the message.
  • Listen to your recorded message to ensure that there are no distracting background noises.
What to include in your voicemail message:
  • Your name and the name of your practice, business or clinic if applicable
  • When their call will be returned
  • That your voice mail is confidential
  • Some practitioners include a mobile number for clients to call in the event of an emergency

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