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Swing Board Sign Printing


  • Full colour
  • Double sided
  • Assembled size: 534mm x 811mm
  • Panel size: 430mm x 625mm
Physio123 printing Swing board signs can be seen all over the UK. Physio123 can help you create and print a custom swing board sign to put out front of your practice. As an added bonus, the small size and portability of these signs makes them very easy to take in at night. What a great signage option.


Price includes free postage to any UK address.

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions about getting your swing board sign designed and printed, simply email or call 0203 397 7850.

What are swing board signs?

Swing board signs get their name from the fact that the printed board is mounted in such a way as to allow it to freely move with the wind. You will not have to worry about your sign blowing down, even on the breeziest of days. Moreover, a sign that remains upright is one that will attract passers-by.

Why swing board signs for therapists

If your practice is located in a building that does not allow for large, extensive signage in windows or on and exterior walls, the swing board sign might be optimal for your needs. Swing board signs are easy to see without requiring a large footprint.

We specialise in creating swing board signs that are both attractive and informative. We can create a sign that simply says you are open for business, or one that includes your phone number, e-mail address, and hours of operation.

Remember, patients may have trouble locating your practice if they have never been to your building before. A sign helps them find you quickly and easily. It also acts as a large business card to attract potential new patients who might be passing by. You need a swing board sign to let people know where you are.

Swing board sign design

Swing board design is one of the many printing services we offer at Physio123. Our years of experience with therapists of all types have enabled us to be involved in some of the most successful practices in the business. We can use all of the experience we have gleaned over the years to create an incredible swing board sign for you.

Swing board sign options

When you choose a swing board sign from Physio123, you will get a high-quality sign with durable hardware and eye-catching design. There will be no mistaking your practice once your sign arrives and is set in place. We would not have it any other way.

We print our swing board signs in two different sizes:

Medium (430 mm x 750 mm)

The medium swing board sign can be customised with your chosen layout, artwork and messaging. It is a great option for urban locations or in places requiring a smaller footprint.

Large (588 mm x 917 mm)

When you order the larger swing board sign, you will have an incredible amount of space available for your custom design. Our large sign makes a great permanent sign for any location, indoors or out. It is tough enough to hold up to all sorts of abuse.

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions about getting your swing board sign designed and printed, simply email or call 0203 397 7850.

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